Friday, May 23, 2008

Ericsson 3G RF Optimizer - Ericsson Sudan

Ericsson 3G RF Optimizer - Ericsson Sudan

Sites verification and acceptance guidance.
Planning Assessment for tuning of best server areas , areas of coverage , Ec/Io and RSCP.
In deep analysis for network performance . •UTRAN Architectures assessment for dimensioning Node Bs and Iub.
Daily worst cell list is issued and analyzed every day with the main QoS RRC Call Drop Rate indicators. Usually, the following indicators are reported: HHO inter HHO inter RAT success SHO success connection succees Rate. BB Congestion. DL Resources congestion. UL interference Frequency success PS degradation (Rates negotiation) The listed worst cell are then deeply analyzed with: -Business object tool -Drive tests (last drive test campaign results or punctual drive test if necessary).

A periodic drive test analysis is Trouble shooting for performed on the network to complete the OMC-R metrics. Tuning of 3G -3G relations and 3G-2G neighbors. Soft HO and Hard HO problems. Planning Drivetest analysis for areas with call drop , low throughput..etc. parameters tuning to match the Ec/Io ND rscp REQUIRED FOR DIFFERENT SERVICES (Voice, Video , HSDPA..etc).
Features testing: Features bought by MTN Should be tested with recommendations of implementation in a case by case scenario. (MBMS, Logical Parameters : Tuning of current Logical AMR-WB , HSUPA…) parameters.

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