Sunday, May 6, 2012

Interesting Facts About Cell Phones

Cell phone (telefone celular) is a wireless, portable, long-range, electronic telephone, which during travel can seamlessly change antenna connections, from one radio reception cell to another radio reception cell, without dropping or losing the ongoing call.

Besides the standard voice function of a telephone, latest cell phones (telefone celular) have features such as SMS for text messages, MMS for multimedia messages, radio, games, internet connectivity for email, browsing, blogging, music (MP3) playback, memo recording, built-in cameras and camcorders, ringtones, personal organizers, Push-to-Talk (PTT), Bluetooth and infrared connectivity, call registers, streaming video, downloading video, video call, and also serve as wireless modems for PCs that can be connected to the Internet.

The power in a cell phone (telefone celular) is obtained from rechargeable batteries, which can be recharged from the mains, a USB port or a cigarette lighter port in an automobile. Nickel Metal Hydride were the most common types of batteries, which due to the "memory effect" (the user can recharge only when the entire battery is drained off) were replaced by Lithium-Ion batteries, which did not suffer from any memory effect.

Cell phones (telefone celular) came into existence because of the invention of hexagonal cells in 1947, for the base stations by Bell Labs engineers at AT

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Saturday, September 6, 2008

CRM specialist

CRM Specialist
Responsible for working with the Sales & Marketing, operations, analytical and IT teams to define and execute corporate CRM program, with the intent of increasing the share of wallet, retention and loyalty of customers while maximizing the company's multiple product and distribution offerings.· To identify best practices for CRM, conduct feasibility studies and with key departments work to implement (including the development of RFI's/ RFP's)· Expert and main point of contact for all subject matter in all facets of CRM, including CRM strategy, Customer Analytics, CRM Business Strategy Development, Lead Management Strategy development, CRM traditional and New Media & Interactive programme development· Define and gain buy-in for business strategies (i.e. customer tiering. Servicing strategies, marketing and communications strategies) that achieve customer segment objectives.· Work with all customer channels, including direct, interactive, stores and call centers when developing solutions and integrating touchpoints that enhance the customer experienceResponsible for developing and awareness of privacy legislation including do not call/ mail/ SPAM/ Company's privacy statementsChampion improvements and capability developments to common processes including lead management, email handling, sweepstakes, Voice, F2F, DM, Print, speed to market, and privacy when executing marketing programs to ensure programs are executed on-time, on-budgets and in-compliance with internal processes and proceduresProvide direction to the Intelligence team to identify, explore and support channel needs (i.e. data mining tools, campaign management tools, content management tools, campaign tracking systems, etc.) Develop ROI estimates and work with project management teams to bring new marketing technologies to fruition.Work with IT to ensure CRM technical architecture & capability is relevant and future proof and that business capability is present in vendor solutionsCollaborate with the business to streamline and improve customer data integrity and ensuring data cleansing and quality control processes are in place.Working knowledge of current industry trends and best practices in CRM. Identify best practices and new ways to develop and use new channels (example on-line advertising, e-mail and to utilize digital marketing) to reach target customers

Minimum Experience & Essential Knowledge
The role-holder needs to have a strong understanding of Consumer technologies and mobile industry trends.Expert knowledge (including successes) of CRM programmes deployed globally.Significant Marketing and/ or field experienceDemonstrated leadership and managerial abilityHigh values and understands diversityExcellent interpersonal skills in order to motivate supervise and work effectively with others.Team oriented with ability to build relationships in a matixed organization.Recognise and value the importance of sharing ideas and sharing information to achieve the best results possible.Ability to obtain results and manage a wide range of cross- functional activitiesAbility to communicate, influence and persuade at all organizational levels.Proven experience in handling conflict.

Minimum Entry Qualifications
At least 8 years Marketing, Strategy and/ or CRM experience of which 4 years in CRM strategy development preferably in a telecommunications environment.Bachelor degree from a reputed universityStrong preference will be given to MBA candidates

Locatin: Doha, Qatar


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MAIN PURPOSE OF THE ROLE AND KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: Commissioning, operation & maintenance, integration, acceptance test and upgrading tasks. Generic technical support especially in case of innovations regarding major products of PS Core of the NSN product portfolio.
REQUIREMENTS: Bachelors Degree in related technical field. Typically 2-4 years in 3G PS Core. Expert in Firewall Checkpoint R54/R55/R62, FlexiISN 3.1 & GGSN5.0. Expert and demonstrate integration competence in the backbone & interoperability. Good knowledge of Signaling Protocols and Understanding of Traffic Theory and Analysis (e.g. Ga, Gn, Gi, Gp) Several years of experience in international communication projects in multicultural environment Knowledge on TCP/IP Networks Language skills in English ( written and spoken fluently ) Ability to work in customer service orientation
PERSONAL ATTRIBUTES: * Excellent communicator ( customer and internal ) * Highly co-operative * Customer orientated * Team player * Analytical skills * Flexible
Anyone who can be available and suitable, kindly send yr cv to

Thanks a lot


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Sunday, June 15, 2008

OOT - Launching New Domain

Dear All,

Better Quality...
Better View...
Better Services...
Better for All...

Kindly be informed our new website and URL Address

Enjoy it !


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Friday, May 23, 2008

Ericsson 3G RF Optimizer - Ericsson Sudan

Ericsson 3G RF Optimizer - Ericsson Sudan

Sites verification and acceptance guidance.
Planning Assessment for tuning of best server areas , areas of coverage , Ec/Io and RSCP.
In deep analysis for network performance . •UTRAN Architectures assessment for dimensioning Node Bs and Iub.
Daily worst cell list is issued and analyzed every day with the main QoS RRC Call Drop Rate indicators. Usually, the following indicators are reported: HHO inter HHO inter RAT success SHO success connection succees Rate. BB Congestion. DL Resources congestion. UL interference Frequency success PS degradation (Rates negotiation) The listed worst cell are then deeply analyzed with: -Business object tool -Drive tests (last drive test campaign results or punctual drive test if necessary).

A periodic drive test analysis is Trouble shooting for performed on the network to complete the OMC-R metrics. Tuning of 3G -3G relations and 3G-2G neighbors. Soft HO and Hard HO problems. Planning Drivetest analysis for areas with call drop , low throughput..etc. parameters tuning to match the Ec/Io ND rscp REQUIRED FOR DIFFERENT SERVICES (Voice, Video , HSDPA..etc).
Features testing: Features bought by MTN Should be tested with recommendations of implementation in a case by case scenario. (MBMS, Logical Parameters : Tuning of current Logical AMR-WB , HSUPA…) parameters.

+41 41 3758859

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